Unlimited leads until you close.

Access unlimited web design leads, web development leads, app development leads and SEO leads until you close!

Increase your clientele

Leads that we aggregate have more potiential to become long term clients rather than just one time gigs.

High close rate

Because the prospects we upload are needing your services, they are easy to get into contact with and close.

Never stuck with bad leads

A lead generator will work directly with you and return any leads you don't close for new a one for any reason.

We screen our leads

Prospects are real, easy to contact, EAGER to work with a developer and did we mention, easy to contact.

About Us

Web design leads, web application leads, web development leads and SEO leads.

OurTechFriend.com is the only lead provider that guarantees you a lead value ( return on your investment ) when you purchase leads. The lead value that is guarateed varies as it is dependant on the type of membership you purchase.

  • Return leads that you don't close.
  • You are guaranteed work up to your lead value.
  • Access leads 24 / 7, at your leisure.

Retun leads that don't work out. Once you claim a lead from the lead portal you are able to leave comments in regards to any issues you have with the lead. A lead generator will respond to you in a timely manner to offer support. In the worse case and senario when a lead generator is not able to help you close the lead, the lead will be automatically returned, and you will be able to immediately claim a new lead from the lead portal.

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Unlimited leads until you close - How does it work?

Claim leads from our lead portal at your convenience. Leads that you are not able to close will be returned until you are able to close the amount of leads that your membership's "lead value" is set at. Please view our membership options to view the different lead values available.

  • First you must sign up for a membership, this is where you will chose your lead value.
  • Log into the the lead portal.
  • Claim a lead that you are interested in closing.
  • Comment any issues you have with the lead.
  • A lead generator will offer as much support as possible.
  • Leads that can't be closed will be removed from your account and you will be credited instantly so that you can claim another lead.
  • You are asked to report how much you charged closed leads.

The lead value is associated with the amount we suggest you are able to charge for the task listed. The lead value is updated to the amount that the prospect was charged when marked closed, this is how you are able to manage your package fulfillment.

How we're different

The support we offer includes communication with a lead generator via our lead portal, lead returns for leads that don't close, and 24/7 convenient access to the lead portal.

Highly responsive

Web development leads, and SEO leads from our portal are eager to find a developer to work with, so they are easy to contact and respond quickly.

Well detailed

All leads come with a description of what the prospects need alongside with what information you can expect with the lead. There's no guess work with our web development and SEO leads.

The lead portal

Claim leads at your leisure, or immediately once your membership is approved. You can view our list of leads and access them as you wish from the lead portal.

Clientele booster

Increase your clientele with our web development leads and SEO leads. More of our prospects have ongoing work and are needing long term development solutions.

Remote work

All leads in our portal are expecting to work with a developer remotely. We rarely upload leads that are looking for in house support.

Strong support

All membership options come with support from a lead generation. You are able to connect with a lead generator via the lead portal.


We buy to test leads from our competitors on a regular basis.
We know exactly what you're up against, and we're on your team.
Relentless support, unlimited leads, and 24/7 access to our lead portal.

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