Web design leads and SEO leads - How it works

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Web Design Leads

OurTechFriend.com is a unique lead provider. OurTechFriend.com provides web design leads, web application leads, iOS leads, Android leads, SEO leads, and other kinds of web development leads. You can view all the leads OurTechFriend.com has available now in the lead development portal found at clients.ourtechfriend.com.

Leads that you do not close within 24 hours of your first attempt to reach out to the prospect SHOULD be returned immediately, but we will return your lead for any reason as long as you have not accepted over $1,000 from the prospect.

What is a lead?

lead /lēd/
someone or something that may be useful, especially a potential customer or business opportunity.
"setting up a social networking page can help you get numerous leads"

How do you use OurTechFriend.com?

  1. First you must sign up for a membership at ourtechfriend.com/plans.
  2. Second, you will need to log into the portal at clients.ourtechfriend.com. Once you log into the portal, all of the displayed leads will have a button listed under the lead that says "Grab this lead".
  3. Third, find a lead you like and click on the "Grab this lead" button. Once you click on this button you will have accepted a lead. Now you will be emailed the lead prospect's contact details. You will also have access to the lead prospect's that you have accepted contact details under your account dashboard.
  4. After you recieve the prospect's contact details, it's time to contact the prospect and close; but don't worry if you don't. You can return leads that you do not close over $1,000 until you do!

Other things to note about OurTechFriend.com's service:

Each lead preview comes with a description, skills needed for the job, and what kind of contact details are listed, sometimes there is a comment from our lead specialist. When you accept a lead, it is automatically removed from the lead portal. OurTechFriend.com DOES NOT sell their leads more than once. All leads are confirmed by a lead specialist before being uploaded into the portal. When you accept a lead from the lead portal you will receive a screenshot of the text or email conversation between the lead specialist and lead prospect, and you will also receive the contact details. You can return leads for absolutely any reason as long as you did not accept money from the lead prospect. You will be credited back your lead if you close it under $1,000, as OurTechFriend.com does not consider leads under $1,000 to be quality leads.

You are not stuck with any leads you do not want, so if you do not want to work with the client for one reason or another you are welcome to return the lead within 24 hours of grabbing it. We consider any leads under $1,000 bad leads, you can keep those or toss them but you will be re credited for them. We will not re post any bad leads. If you returned the lead but it's considered a good lead, so long as you haven't accepted any money then we will upload it back into the portal and let you know what ID # it's under so as not to choose the lead again.

Our platform is ideal for people who are tired of paying over and over for bad leads, with us you pay ONE time, and whether it takes you 2 days or 2 months you never have to pay again for leads until you close the amount of clients you've purchased!

Web Design Leads
Bad SHOULD be returned within 24 hours of grabbing, but we will return your lead for any reason as long as you have not accepted over $1,000 from the prospect.
Once a lead has been returned and deemed as a 'bad lead' it is removed from the lead database completely.

Lead Portal

Below is a screenshot of what a lead from the lead portal looks like:
Web Design Leads