Our lead statistics

Here are some stats about our leads.

web design leads

  • Close rate : 30%
  • Response rate : 80%
  • Return rate : 70%
  • Average membership length before a lead is closed : 3 weeks - 1 month
  • How often do WordPress leads uploaded into the portal : 1 of every 4 leads
  • How often are SEO leads uploaded into the portal : 2 out of every 4 leads
  • How often do members upgrade their package : 3 of of every 4 members
  • How many leads are uploaded a day : 6 on an average
  • How often are leads uploaded during a weekend or holiday : Often, 60% of the time OurTechFriend.com is uploading leads during weekends or holidays.

Our Tech Friend doesn't just offer leads, we guarantee real clients!

Thanks to our partnership with HireADeveloper.org, WPQuestions.org, WordPressQuestions.com & NetworkForLeads.com we can offer guaranteed clients.

Access unlimited leads until you close the amount of clients you've purchased.

All of our lead prospects are verified via text or email and you receive a screenshot of that conversation with every lead you grab from our portal.

Connect with leads within 24 hours or return them!

Our Leads

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You can see what it looks like to return web design, SEO or other software related leads and also just how much our lead specialist give our members support.