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Understand our membership options a little bit better. Type of leads and terminology

  • Lead Value

    The 'lead value' is the amount of money you can expect to collect from a prospect. Each lead has a 'lead value' and each membership you purchase has a 'lead value'.

  • You will be able to return leads and claim new leads until you close the amount of leads at a greater value than your memebrship's 'lead value'. -i.e., if you buy a membership for 2 hard leads you have a membership 'lead value' of $2,000. Because you've purchased 2 hard leads you are able to claim 2 leads at a time, if you claim and close a lead with a 'lead value' of $500 you still can grab two leads at a time, as 0 of 2 leads have been filled, but the $500 lead you closed will be noted on your account alonside it's 'lead value'. When you claim another lead with a 'lead value' over $500, 1 of 2 leads in your current membership will be considered fulfilled and you will only be able to grab 1 lead at a time.

  • This is an estimate, often times members close leads lesser or higher than what the lead's 'lead value' is listed at. After a member closes a lead at a price listed above or below the 'lead value', the lead's 'lead value' is adjusted before marked closed and noted on the member's account. This is how we can gurantee the member's membership 'lead value' is fulfilled.

  • Leads that the prospect has shared a specific time to be reached at.

  • Communicate live via chat with prospects. Our live chat with prospects is often how our inbound leads are generated. Prospects use our live chat at one of our partners website for tech support. Prospects are converted into a lead from here, with hard premium lead(s) you get first and immediate access to prospects.

  • A lead is marked closed when a member closes the lead, BUT a lead purchased under a membership is considered closed or "fulfilled" when the member's closed leads 'lead value' total is equal to or greater than the membership's 'lead value' purchased.


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