What we can guarantee you about OurTechFriend.com

See below our money back guarantees!

web design leads
  • We check our competitors leads on a regular basis.
  • We know that they do NOT have nearly the quality of leads that we have. Find a lead provider or service that offers a higher quality of leads at a cheaper rate and we will give you a full refund*.
  • Prospects over $1,000.
  • Leads that you close under $1,000 you can keep and still return to grab another lead.
  • Prospects will NOT hang up on you.
  • Our leads are expecting to hear from our developers.
  • Prospects will NOT be listed anywhere else.
  • Our leads have agreed to only list their request with us.
  • Prospects will not wonder how you found their number or confused about why you are calling.
  • Prospects are expecting to hear from one of our developers.
  • Our leads are from business owners and people wanting to develop a business or product.
  • Our leads are NOT just individual people looking for blogs, small edits or other personal needs.
*A lead specialist from OurTechFriend.com must be able to close a lead (collect any form of payment valued over $1,000 from the prospect) in order for any competitor's leads to be considered quality.

OurTechFriend.com can NOT guarantee how fast you will close a lead. We can NOT possibly guarantee this because we can NOT determine how great or bad your skills, pricing or sales experience is. We can guarantee that no matter what, you will receive access to quality leads everyday until you do close.

OurTechFriend.com doesn't just offer leads, we guarantee real clients!

Thanks to our partnership with HireADeveloper.org, WPQuestions.org, WordPressQuestions.com & NetworkForLeads.com and lastly but definitely NOT the least, our email marketing team, we can offer guaranteed clients.

web design leads