What we can guarantee you about OurTechFriend.com

OurTechFriend.com does NOT offer any kind of money back guarantees on web design leads, web development leads, SEO leads or any leads offered via our lead portal. OurTechFriend.com will replace any leads for any reasons that you do not close and offers support with each lead you claim from the lead portal.

  • Prospects are waiting to hear from you

    Our leads will not be confused about how you attained their contact details, they are expecting to hear from a developer. Our leads are eager to work with a developer.

  • Leads from our portal are real people that are needing help from a developer.

  • The money you collect from the leads OurTechFriend.com supplies will surpase the lead value you purcahsed with your OurTechFriend.com membership.

  • Leave a comment on your lead and a lead generator will respond in a timely manner to answer any questions you have.

  • OurTechFriend.com will replace any leads you get from us until you've met your membership 'lead value'.


We buy to test leads from our competitors on a regular basis.
We know exactly what you're up against, and we're on your team.
Relentless support, unlimited leads, and 24/7 access to our lead portal.

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